Local Administrator Temporary Elevation Request (LATER)

This is my realization of the Local Administrator Temporary Elevation Request (LATER) concept Mathias R. Jessen (@IISResetMe) talked about in the session “Attack Surface Reductions – for the Adventurous Admin” at PowerShell Conference Europe 2019, Hannover.If you couldn’t attend the session in person the great people of #PSConfEU have uploaded the recording on Youtube. I …

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Update PowerShell modules

There are many wonderful PowerShell modules available and published at PowerShell Gallery, but as time passes many modules will receive new versions with bug fixes, features and help updates. The function Invoke-ModuleUpdate aims to hopefully solve the problem with new available versions by querying the PSRepository for each module to find if any new version …

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What is my IP with a twist

Notice: This post does not contain any pictures. They were all lost during the import from my old site. I do apologize for that but I hope that the post will still help. I needed a tool, preferably a Powershell script, which could show my WAN IP address using alternate outgoing TCP ports, other …

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